picture of Marjorie Lyles Marjorie Lyles Indiana University Program Co-Chair

picture of Jeffrey Reue Jeffrey Reuer Purdue University Program Co-Chair

Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

Early in 2008, we had no idea just how appropriate our theme title, Strategies in an Uncertain World , would be for the 29th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society. We were aiming to find something that combined both of our interests and hit on this. This theme has turned out to be perfect, and we have an excellent program that was built from the 833 submitted proposals! Despite the challenging economic environment, the 2009 SMS Conference will be the largest one ever held in North America.

The main theme and the three subthemes (Environmental Realities, Internal Organization, and External Relationships) support our model for the conference shown below. Also they provide the context for the keynote plenaries, other plenaries and panels. We hope that you will find that the sessions encourage discussions about strategies for addressing uncertainty and the opportunities created by changes in the world. Global competition, financial uncertainties, development of emerging economies, corruption, and increasing world conflict, among many other changes in the world, have contributed substantial new uncertainties with which firms must contend in crafting strategies as well as executing strategies.

Many people were part of our team in putting the conference together. Besides the SMS leadership and SMS staff in Chicago, we had 11 track chairs, 7 Sunday interest group leaders, 2 teaching track chairs, 2 doctoral consortium organizers, and 3 supportive committees for various awards. In addition, this year we had the largest number of people ever who agreed to be reviewers: a total of 413 reviewers. We want to thank all of you for the efforts you have put into the conference to make it a success.

Here are a few highlights of the program:

The 2009 conference will also feature an innovation to the program. Four “Showcase Panels” will run in parallel to explore various facets of the conference theme of Strategies in an Uncertain World. In this year’s editors’ panel, Richard Bettis (North Carolina), Michael Hitt (Texas A&M), Will Mitchell (Duke), and Ed Zajac (Northwestern University) will reflect on the future of strategic management research. A second showcase panel will explore the topic of Ecosystem Innovation, featuring John Camillus (Pittsburgh), Bala Chakravarthy (IMD), and Yves Doz (INSEAD) as panelists. Strategic Renewal is the topic of another showcase panel, which includes Steven Floyd (St. Gallen), Constance Helfat (Dartmouth), Christoph Lechner (St. Gallen), Margaret Peteraf (Dartmouth), and Henk Volberda (Erasmus) as panelists. A final showcase panel aims to revitalize Corporate Portfolio Management as an instrument for strategic decision making and features Dieter Heuskel (BCG), Michael Mirow (Siemens), Michael Nippa (Freiburg), and Harald Rubner (BCG).

As in recent years, the conference offers a number of interesting sessions related to the SMS’ Teaching Initiative as well as many creative sessions on Sunday designed by the Interest Groups.

Washington is a wonderful city for the conference. Be sure not to miss Monday evening at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. On Tuesday evening, there will be a reception sponsored by the Smith School at the University of Maryland.

We thank you for joining us for this international conference, and we give special thanks to all the track chairs, the reviewers, the session chairs, the SMS board and the team at the SMS Executive Office. Also we thank SAMS, Accenture and the University of Maryland for their sponsorship of the conference. Because of all of your efforts, the conference program is very rich with exciting papers and events. Thank you very much.

Marjorie Lyles Program Co-Chair

Jeffrey Reuer Program Co-Chair

Strategic Management Society

Washington DC