Session 268

Conducting Practice Studies: Introduction, Methods and Challenges

Track J

Date: Sunday, October 11, 2009


Time: 13:00 – 14:30

Interest Group Workshop

Room: Meeting Room 15

Session Co-Chairs:
Sotirios Paroutis, University of Warwick
Robert Wright, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


While practice research is a rich and expanding area, scholars can also be confronted by a number of challenges, spanning theoretical, conceptual and methodological issues. The purpose of this session is to introduce participants to the key ideas behind the practice approach and generate a dialogue on the challenges and benefits when conducting a practice study.

The panelists will share their experiences and insights in: conceptualizing, designing, conducting and publishing practice research. Specifically we will discuss the following key questions: how can practice be conceptualized, what are the key theories that scholars can use, how can a practice study be designed, what are the challenges in publishing practice studies and how can these be dealt with.
The panelists will give brief introductory remarks, after which we will have a lively discussion among the panelists and the audience, addressing specific questions.

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