Session 248

Issues in Governance and Technology Commercialization in New Ventures

Track K

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009


Time: 17:15 – 18:30


Room: Meeting Room5

Session Chair:
Igor Filatotchev, City University London

Title: Foreign IPO Performance: A Configurational Perspective


  • Greg Bell, University of Dallas
  • Ruth Aguilera, Northeastern University
  • Igor Filatotchev, City University London

Abstract: To date there has been little attention paid to the study of foreign private firms who have bypassed local capital markets to make their first public stock offerings on U.S. and U.K. stock exchanges (Bell, Moore, & Al-Shammari, 2008; Hursti and Maula, 2007; Chemmanur and Fulghieri, 2006). We employ a configurational approach using Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fs/QCA) to evaluate how certain groupings, or ‘bundles’, of corporate governance, endorsement, and institutional factors impact the success of foreign IPOs. We suggest that foreign private firms find that certain combinations of governance signals are more salient to investors in formally regulated capital markets like the U.S., while combinations of network related signals are more salient in the informal U.K. capital market contexts.

Title: Governance in Early-Stage Research Commercialization


  • Lars Bengtsson, Lund University

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to develop a framework of governance structures based on of researcher motivations and structures to commercialize academic research into economic value. The case studies of academic researchers who have considered commercializing their research findings in the field of stem cell biology further expand the framework of governance structures for commercialization of research discoveries from academia to industry. The context of our case studies is Sweden where researchers own their IPR, i.e., a researcher governed system. The main finding is a number of collaborative governance structures between the researchers and industry with corresponding mixed business models, indicating that many researchers prefer to stay in academia and use commercialization as a vehicle for enlarging their research inside and outside academia.

Title: Start-ups' Commercialization Strategy for General Purpose Technologies


  • Lin Jiang, University of Missouri
  • Marco Ceccagnoli, Georgia Institute of Technology

Abstract: Understanding the determinants of the business model of innovating start-ups is still incomplete in the management literature. Particularly, the nature of technology has been found to have ambiguous effects on the commercialization strategy of technology-based start-ups. We find that start-ups with general-purpose technologies will commercialize their technologies through licensing when: 1) they participate in co-developing their technologies with other organizations; 2) the potential user industries are highly related; and 3) the complementary assets needed to profit from the technology in downstream industries are co-specialized. We find robust support for our hypotheses using a broad sample of young U.S.-based technology companies.

Title: Toward an Entrepreneurship-based View of the Firm


  • Li Dai, Western University

Abstract: This paper explores the usefulness of viewing entrepreneurs rather than the resources they use as the source of the firm's competitive advantage. By parceling out the entrepreneur from the proverbial resource bundle alluded to in the resource based view of the firm, we advance the notion of strategic entrepreneurship and test a process of entrepreneurial wealth creation. Implications for the role of tacit knowledge in creating a sustainable competitive advantage under environmental uncertainty are discussed.

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