Session 197

Diversity, Identity, and Corporate Governance

Track F

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009


Time: 17:15 – 18:30


Room: Meeting Room 9

Session Chair:
Michael McDonald, University of Texas at San Antonio

Title: Director Diversity: Exploring How Ethnic Minorities and Women Directors' Participate and Affect Organizational Outcomes


  • Chris Tuggle, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • David Sirmon, University of Washington
  • Leonard Bierman, Texas A&M University

Abstract: Many prior studies have explored sources of variance among individual board directors such as their functional, occupational, and industry experiences. Another source of variation among directors is much less studied: that of ethnic and gender diversity. Despite the appealing argument that ethnic and gender diversity among board members will benefit firm performance, the limited work in this area (almost exclusively considering gender diversity alone) has produced inconsistent results. In order to more effectively investigate the performance effects of board diversity, we address limitations in the prior work by expanding the treatment of board diversity to include both gender and ethnic dimensions. Based on a unique dataset of board meeting discussion transcripts, we investigate factors that affect ethnic and gender minorities’ participation in board meeting discussions.

Title: Gender-Compensation Differences Among High-Level Executives in the United States


  • Fernando Muñoz-Bullon, Carlos III University of Madrid

Abstract: We examine the gender compensation gap by form of pay —total pay, base pay and variable pay— among high-level executives. For this purpose, we use Standard & Poor’s ExecuComp data set, which reports total compensation data for the five highest-paid managers in each of a large number of U.S. public corporations for the years 1993-2006. We find that a sizable fraction of the sex gap in compensation is accounted for by the segregation of women into lower-paying occupations and relatively small companies. Our results also indicate that most of the unexplained difference in total pay between male and female executives was due to gender differences in the portion of variable pay, in particular a different endowment with stock options.

Title: Mentoring and the Ascendance of Women and Ethnic Minorities into the U.S. Corporate Elite


  • Michael McDonald, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • James Westphal, University of Michigan

Abstract: This study shows how low levels of mentoring from incumbent directors are making it more difficult for women and ethnic minority first-time directors to gain entry into the U.S. corporate elite by securing appointments at other corporate boards. We argue and demonstrate that women and ethnic minority first-time directors receive less mentoring from incumbent directors regarding the widely-held norm in the corporate elite that outside directors should refrain from exercising independent control over firm strategy. We also propose and show that low levels of mentoring reduce minority status first-time directors’ tendencies to comply with this central norm and that low levels of compliance, in turn, reduce the likelihood of gaining appointments to other boards.

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