Session 153

Decision Making in Strategy Processes

Track H

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009


Time: 17:15 – 18:30


Room: Meeting Room 4

Session Chair:
Armi Temmes, Aalto University

Title: Decision Streams and Creeping Outcomes: A Longitudinal Case Study of Attention-Based Shaping of Strategy


  • Armi Temmes, Aalto University
  • Liisa Valikangas, Aalto University

Abstract: In this article we recount the recent history of a major European steel company. We examine this history as a series of decision episodes and streams that have major implications for the development of the company strategy. The analysis of individual decisions allows us the telling of a punctuated history, where the decisions catalyze and guide attention but also constitute attention focuses. By mapping the corporate history and analyzing the developing attention dynamics, we are able to describe different facets of attended and unattended strategy making over time. As a result, we discover the lingering and lumping together of decisions and (non)attentions into a number of outcome streams that we call creeping commitments.

Title: Influence of Executives' Personalities on Strategic Decision-Making Processes


  • Rebekka Skubinn, Leibniz University of Hannover

Abstract: Upper echelons theory describes that top executives are influenced by their personalities in strategic decisionmaking. However, so far top executives' personalities have been approximated measuring objectively observable characteristics of the respective individuals, and then making inferences about their underlying personalities. Due to problems associated with this imprecision, there has been a call for more direct measures of top executives' personalities. This paper aims at answering this request by developing a theory which explains how top executives’ personality is linked to the decision making process. This contributes to current research by (1) suggesting a comprehensive range of profiling dimensions based upon the concepts of core self evaluation and narcissism and (2) analyzing if and how this personality influences strategic decision-making.

Title: Strategic Decision Making Over Time: Balancing Strategy, Resources and Necessity


  • Jeffrey Petty, University of Lausanne
  • Gerald Reiner, University of Neuchâtel

Abstract: This study investigates the impact of firm resources, specifically management team capacity, on strategic decision making over time. The longitudinal data set of 3,631 venture capitalist investment decisions, comprising all of the decisions over the life of two investment funds, was collected from the archival records of a European venture capital firm. The results indicate that, over time, the investment decisions of venture capitalists are influenced by firm-specific factors related to the human capital resources of the firm, often more so than the commonly cited physical capital assets. Thus, firm staffing plays a critical role in strategic decision making and strategy. Implications of these results for research and practice, in venture capital as well as other service industries, are discussed.

Title: The Effects of Managerial Dissensus and Diversity


  • Chet Miller, University of Houston

Abstract: Upper-echelon managers within a firm often exhibit different preferences, opinions, and beliefs. The consequences of these differences can be quite profound. As such, they have captured a great deal of attention within the managerial community and within the strategic-management research community. To date, the research community has generated important insights related to managerial differences but problems remain in conceptualizing and assessing cognitive disagreement. In this project, three different approaches to defining disagreement are discussed. Empirical work reveals important variance in research outcomes contingent on which approach is used, and this has important implications for interpreting past research and designing future research.

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