Session 120

Strategic Tools and Methods

Track J

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Time: 10:00 – 11:15


Room: Meeting Room 11

Session Chair:
Aliki Nicolaides, Columbia University

Title: Choosing Methods For Decision Problems Solving in an Organization: Methodological Aspects


  • Marek Szarucki, Cracow University of Economics
  • Marek Lisinski, Cracow University of Economics

Abstract: Modern organizations need decisions to be made to make them function effectively, managers spend much of their time in making decisions at both the operational and the strategic level This proposal presents a methodological suggestion for a structured, manageable approach to the complex dilemma of how to choose, from the vast arsenal of methods, sets of techniques appropriate for problems solving in organizations. First, it is needed to classify problems that are met in organizations and then to choose a suitable method from a bunch of the classified methods for problem solving. Our goal is to develop a model which will be helpful for a decision-maker in terms of guiding him or her to an accurate problem identification and appropriate method selection for problem solving.

Title: Developing Competency and Capacity for Strategic Insight through Action Inquiry


  • Aliki Nicolaides, Columbia University
  • Lyle Yorks, Columbia University

Abstract: Developing Competency and Capacity for Strategic Insight through Action Inquiry

The purpose of this paper is to share emerging findings and insights from our inquiry and research around the connection between how individuals, groups and systems make sense of the complex demands faced in these uncertain times and how strategic learning and developing insight mitigate these forces in action. Our research has focused on how a learning and development framework helps to make sense of the “mindsets ” that influence the approaches that adults as individuals and in groups within the context of systems faced with persistent and complex demands stand in relationship to ambiguity and develop strategic insight.

Title: FrameEx: Classroom Exercise to Demonstrate Strategic Framework Value


  • William Worthington, Baylor University
  • Jamie Collins, Baylor University
  • Christopher Reutzel, Sam Houston State University

Abstract: Frameworks are commonly used tools of strategy employed by top level managers. Illustrating the use of frameworks to undergraduate students who lack work experience presents a challenge for university instructors. FrameEx is a simple exercise that demonstrates the usefulness of frameworks while providing a fun and interesting classroom exercise. Our paper illustrates how FrameEx is used in the classroom. Further, empirical results measured during the execution of FrameEx are presented to demonstrate its usefulness. Finally, classroom discussion points are offered along with useful recommendations for future expansion of the FrameEx.

Title: Perceived Value of Enterprise Risk Management: A Better Methodology to Manage Uncertainty and Risk?


  • Stephen Gates, Audencia Nantes University
  • Paul Walker, University of Virginia
  • Jean-Louis Nicolas, Audencia Nantes School of Management

Abstract: Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a new, board-supervised process, applied in a strategic setting, which aims to identify, evaluate, and manage strategic, operating, financial, legal and insurance risks. Advocated by the COSO Commission in 2004, ERM adoption has been encouraged by the SEC, legal court cases and rating agencies. We examine ERM’s perceived value as measured by better decision making and increased profitability. Using data from our survey of 150 risk management directors, we tested two regression models incorporating key components of the ERM methodology. Our models are significant, and indicate that the stage of ERM implementation, ERM communication, setting risk tolerance limits, and risk quantification help improve decision making, while alignment of risks and setting risk tolerance limits increase profitability.

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