Session 109

Current Research on Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship

Track K

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Time: 11:30 – 12:45


Room: Meeting Room 13

Session Chair:
Richard Reed, Cleveland State University

Title: In the Middle of Uncertainties: An Examination of the Emergence and Evolution of Social Enterprises


  • Dorothy Kirkman, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Abstract: This paper examines how uncertainties influenced the emergence and evolution of a revolutionary innovation – social enterprises (SEs). SEs introduce for-profit market strategies into social sector (Austin et al., 2006). I present two models to facilitate this discussion. The antecedence of social enterprise model (ASM) highlights the uncertainties that led some nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to seek a different way of doing things (Schumpeter, 1934) and draws attention to NPOs growing dependence on their environment for resources (Pfeffer and Salancik, 1978). The post-innovation model (PIM) describes the uncertainties that materialized when NPOs exploited SE opportunities. This discussion facilitates a robust understand of NPOs strategic response to uncertainty and provides a framework through which scholars may integrate strategy and nonprofit research.

Title: Managing Uncertainty Using Real Options and Goals That Investors Have: A Preliminary Analysis


  • Tandy Dilworth, University of Colorado-Boulder

Abstract: The business climate is fraught with uncertainty and uncertainty can be problematic in this environment because indiviuals are faced with decision problems that must be addressed in the near term, but that could have long-reaching effects for an organization. This research focuses on how uncertainty affects individuals and firms that manage multiple investments in startup firms in light of their goals. Real options theory has proved effective as a tool in helping firms manage uncertainty so I use this theoretical approach along with goal setting theory to uncover differential decision making in the private equity context. This study starts the conceptual process of shedding light on the question, how do goals affect the selection and management of real options for investors?

Title: Uncertainty and Risk as Determinants of New-Venture Strategies


  • Richard Reed, Cleveland State University
  • Susan Storrud-Barnes, Cleveland State University
  • Leonard Jessup, Washington State University

Abstract: Technological, economic, social, and political change has been increasing at an increasing rate, and with such change comes increased uncertainty. We argue that uncertainty is not the same as risk, which is generally thought of in terms of the downside. As the finance literature on options and the strategy literature on real-options explains, with uncertainty there also exists the potential for an upside. We draw on real-options thinking and on prospect theory to determine how uncertainty and risk affect entrepreneurial actions. Specifically, how do they affect the likelihood of undertaking new ventures, and what strategies are independent entrepreneurs and managers in established firms most likely to adopt—licensing, alliances, or new-venture development—under the contingencies of uncertainty and risk.

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